OHSAA Monitoring

The Wellsville Local Schools would like to thank the Wellsville community, parents, and students/athletes who continue to comply with the mandated safety regulations such as wearing masks, social distancing, and many others during athletic events.

Last night the Wellsville vs. Southern Local football game had been designated as an OHSAA monitoring site to evaluate how effectively we as a district are complying to the protocol set forth by the Ohio Department of Health, and the OHSAA. As you can see in the evaluation below we were successful at every category.

We would like to give a public thank you to Don and Karen Elliott, and Jenna Stoddard for all of their hard work to ensure the safety of our fans and students. Additionally, we are so fortunate to receive guidance and support from Wes Vins and Dr. Jack Amato from the Columbiana County Health department. With out these individuals and the compliance of our entire community we would not have been able to make this work as well as we have!

OHSAA Monitoring Report